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Kokoda18 - AAAF Charity Trek

In 2017, two individuals, Greg and Tracey, treked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea to champion awareness of Alopecia Areata and to raise much needed funds towards research into this condition. This campaign was titled Kokoda17, and raised over $12,000 to support individuals and families whose lives have been changed by Alopecia Areata.



In March 2018, a second team is taking up this challenge, and you're invited too!

Kokoda18 is now recruiting!


Andy, whose wife Amanda has Alopecia Areata, is tackling the Kokoda Trail in March 2018 and we're looking to recruit fearless adventurers to join him on this journey of a lifetime. 


Alopecia Areata is an auto immune condition which causes hair loss to the scalp and body. It affects up to 2% of the population, most commonly presenting in childhood, and there is currently no cure. The Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc. (AAAF) is the only national body working to improve the lives of people living with Alopecia Areata and their families. 


Alopecia Areata... It's life changing. 


If pushing your boundaries to help support people in need sounds like a challenge you'd be winning to champion, get in touch with us at to find out more about being part of the Kokoda18 team. 



If you'd like to support Andy, or past trekkers Tracey and Greg, you can click on their pages below to donate, or use the Donate button on the right to show your support for the whole team. 


To find our more about Alopecia Areata, AAAF, or to see how you can help, please visit our website


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A message from Andy

My wife beautiful Amanda and the mother of our two amazing boys Alexander (5) and Jack (2) has Alopecia and is an AAAF Facebook Administrator here in Western Australia.


I am taking on the challenge to help raise awareness about the devastating impact not just physically but both emotionally and mentally this auto immune disease has on the lives of those who suffer from it everyday. it's important for me for people to understand this is not a cosmetic disease.


By completing this trek I am hoping the AAAF will get some much needed funds so they can continue to offer advice, support and information to those affected directly or indirectly by alopecia. The more funds AAAF receive the more they can do!


From a personal perspective this is another important step for my young family in coming to terms with the condition and the profound change and impact it has had on our lives.


A message from Greg


My connection with Alopecia Areata is as a parent.   I’m also involved with AAAF is as a committee member and the Branch Manager for WA. 
Apart from the obvious challenge associated with the Kokoda Track and paying respects to the sacrifices of those that so bravely defended our country, I also want to help raise awareness for Alopecia Areata and to encourage people with alopecia to get out there and embrace life. Some people with alopecia accept their condition but for many it is harder to accept and sadly for a few it becomes a dominant factor in how they live their lives.  I want to change this by raising awareness. Raising awareness about it helps to demystify the condition and this makes it easier for people with alopecia to accept it. Awareness also helps promote AAAF and the good work we do.


The picture here features myself and my son Cam who is now 17.  He is an amazing young man who has a great attitude.  I admire the way he doesn’t let his alopecia get in the way of anything he wants to do or achieve and he's been a great support for me in my role with AAAF. 

A message from Tracey


It wasn’t until I saw the post on AAAF about Kokoda that I realised I needed this challenge.  It is something so outside of the scope of things that I would never have even considered it.  But it was like the lights had been turned on and I thought I’m going to do this.  Being 44 yrs old I was in the mind set of just keeping reasonably fit as I getting older, but now realise there’s a whole world of things for me to go out and do.


This trek will help me realise my capacity to achieve almost anything.  The training leading up to it alone has shown me what I can accomplish.  I want to show people that Alopecia doesn’t stop you from going out and doing things.  It will be great to bring more awareness to the public about Alopecia.